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Thread: sound card problems

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    sound card problems

    I recently installed mandrake 8.2 on my laptop. Since installation I have been alerted that I need to configure my soundcard. I realize that I need to use sndconfig to do this, but I don't know what it means when it says I need to run this from "root". This is my first experience with linux and I just don't know for sure where to start. Tutorials haven't been that helpful because they all asume that I know what "root" is in the first place. If anyone has the paitence to give a newbie some tips thank you!!!

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    Re:sound card problems

    no problem, and a warm welcome from GLO to linux. well there are a few ways to get on as root. if, when you log on, you type root as the user, and the root pass you chose when you installed mandrake, then you will be on as root. you can also get on as a superuser, which isn't quite the same as root, but you will have the same privilages as root. for that, jsut type su in the shell and then it will prompt for a pass, type the root pass.

    that should get you started on those tutorials, let us know of any other snags you come across.



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