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Thread: Which things do I dl

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    Which things do I dl

    I looked at SuSe's site and I found the mirror site list and went to the FTP in chicago and went to i386 and im not sure what i need from there...disks? or what

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    Re:Which things do I dl

    what do you want?

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    Re:Which things do I dl

    SuSe 8.0

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    Re:Which things do I dl

    whats the url?
    there should be a bunch of .iso files somewhere

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    Re:Which things do I dl

    the FTP address is
    I see disks folder and I went there and they talk about getting the boot disk and booting that and it will ask for a URL for DLing all the stuff it needs...I dont see anyhting else

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    Re:Which things do I dl

    AFAIK, SuSE does not make iso's for x86. You'd either have to install via ftp, or buy the boxed set.

    I'm pretty sure it says something about it on the SuSE site.

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