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    MMmmk I have installed RH 7.3 bout 5 times because I have messed stuff up and I did dif stuff each time and every install I have never got xwindows or anything graphical to work....I have a MSI K7N420 Pro mobo with nFORCE chipset...integrated video, audio and ethernet...I get errors when I try to play games or start xwin like cant open display or no display device...I need mucho help..thanks

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    Dude, have to settle down a bit. there are many people who scour this board looking for people to help, not to mention an most recently posted section at the bottom of the forums. it is a bit stressful to see your stuff everywhere at once. what really helps is all on you info in 1 spot so that we can work off of that. Next, you are using an Nvidia card, and are having trouble with it. Make sure you follow the install guide placed in the OMP section of GLO carefully. when you have that properly set up, games will work. The entire issue at hand here is because X doesn't know how to use your card. so start with the drivers and after that, give detailed results please.



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