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Thread: Help Installing Linux!!

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    Help Installing Linux!!

    Hi, I've just purchased suse Linux 8.0 - I have a Gateway 700S System with WindowsXP installed as NTFS on a 20 Gig HD. My question is - Would it be possible to install suse Linux here? - as I can't even get into the bios ( It goes straight to the Windows XP loading screen!! ) and make it boot from CD....Please Help!!!

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    Try making a floppy boot disk...there should be instructions on SuSe's site or on the CD..and put that it in the boot up the should read that and start install

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    There has to be a way to get into the bios. Your prolly just loading to quick to see it. What you need to do is hold down delete and keep holding it down before you even reset the machine. If that doesn't do it, try different keys, like esc is sometimes used, or ctrl alt s, if not you need to contact Gateway and ask them how to enter the bios.

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    Quote Originally Posted by torch
    Try making a floppy boot disk...there should be instructions on SuSe's site or on the CD..and put that it in the boot up the should read that and start install
    U mean a boot floppy for linux ...or for windows?...and this can be done from windows XP itself?...This might sound lame but please bear with me...Or can i use the demo of partition magic and first partition the 20 Gig as 2 10 gigs as NTFS ( already there) and one as FAT32??..would this help

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    I dont think the Demo of Partition Magic will actually let you change anything. I have Suse 8.0 and WinXP. Even with the full version of Partition Magic, I had some difficulties trying to partition the drive, because of NTFS. So, I went out and bought a second hard drive. Now, it all works pretty well. Just a suggestion.

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    I can't afford another Hard disk just to install Linux!!.....Please tell me if there is a way to install Suse 8.0 as Dual boot inthe same hard disk with Windows XP....I'm not particular that Win XP files should be readable from Linux....Please help!

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    Hi there,fellow SuSE guy!
    Ok, if you still need a boot floppy,while in XP plop in the SuSE DVD. You will see a folder named disks and in it boot disk.Copy it to a floppy and you should be good to go if memmory serves me correctly(not sure).Now, the only glitch is you have a box with XP likely using the whole drive.You need to resize your Windows partition and move Data. As mentioned Partition Magic does a great job of this! Don't know if the freebie version will do it tho.If you can do that then you are ready to install.What you need to do is create enough free space to partition and install Linux and not destroy XP.When you install, use the DVD instead of the CD's( as not to change CD's umteen times)I know your fustration, been there,done that,with a baseball bat but Linux is cool when you get up and running.

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    Hi johnqpublic!,
    Thanks for the reply!..the freebie version of Partiotion magic does squat!!!...It simply gives a message saying it's demo and rolls back the changes. so, now i'm really stucj , because there is no other way ( that i can think of) to resize the NTFS partition, or create new ones ...without reinstalling XP ....does Suse's installation create new partions for use with XP....hopefully leaving XP portion untouched??..please help!

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    Ok!...I've Done this - I've reformatted my HD and Divided into 2 partitions of 10 GB each (In FAT32), I've loaded XP in C: and left D: (also Fat32) Empty. Now, will Suse's Installation program kick up a fuss while installing Linux in the second partition? - or ( crossing my fingers here!) will install and show me the option to dual boot in the beginning??...Let me Know!...(BTW the demo version of partition magic suckS!!)

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    Re:Help Installing Linux!!

    ok, here is my two cents on your prob. from experience with xp, you should leave more than 10 GB for it and give less to linux. i have used Suse and it will be fine on the install. in fact it is the easiest install i have come across. i would do about 15 GB for XP and the rest for linux. (just my opinion) cause your c:drive will fill up fast. i did the same thing (10 and 10) and now i am close to filling up c: with not many programs installed on XP. Suse will do a fine job of dual booting both OS's but i would resize before i did anything. Suse has a nice partioner built in that should let you resize during the install. you have to pay attention and look for it as it has been a while since i used Suse. i dont remeber how to get to it but you have to specifie to resize, it will just go on past it if you are not paying attention. hope that helps. you should have a smooth install beyond that.


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