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Thread: About USB port in Linux

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    About USB port in Linux


    Iīm a Linux newbie, so Iīm a little bit lost with it. Iīd really like to install a Linux distribution (I have Mandrake 9.0 here), but Iīm having problems to install the cable modem 3com HomeConnect and the HP deskjet845c printer... both through USB port.

    I have had SuSE 7.2 before, and I tried to install the modem and the printer, that was impossible for me though I spent hours and hours trying it. Now I downloaded this new Mandrake version, hoping that USB ports would work... but in the installation I saw that when I had to set the modem up I only had a list of Ethernet card drivers... just like SuSE. I had to give it up when finishing the installation something referred to the boot it asked me for the installation CD, and I gave it to the computer (the CD1), but for the computer it wasnīt the right cd:-\

    Do I have to accept that the only way to install the modem in Linux is with a network card? Is there any cable that can make my printer connect to the LPT1, the typical printerīs port, that maybe is more acceptable for Linux?

    Why Linux and USB ports donīt get on well? Is there any Linux distribution that accepts USB? If not, will we have one in the future?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Re:About USB port in Linux

    I can't say about the printer, but you might take a look at in regards to your modem. I know it's Alcatel related, but it might clue you in on getting the 3com functioning.

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    Re:About USB port in Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by ferrari27
    HP deskjet845c printer

    Jim H

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