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Thread: not sure if its hardware related

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    not sure if its hardware related

    I cant get any sort of graphical things to work in xwindows gnome kde or even when at the prompt in text mode I type in xlogo and I get Error:cant open display I tried tuxracer for laughs and I didnt laugh...I didnt work either...go another error about some error about graphics device not found..any ideas? im running amd athlon 1.4, my mobo is MSI K7N420 Pro, integrated video audio and monitor is a HP Pavilion M70..please help

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    Re:not sure if its hardware related

    That board uses an onboard Nvidia chipset correct? If it does you are going to have to download the binary drivers from Nvidia.

    Just another problem brought to you by a company that doesn't believe in open souce software and the GPL. >

    Jim H

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