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Thread: Backup help

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    Backup help

    I'm running a redhat 7.3 workstation, and I have made a simple backup shell script using tar and gzip. It does work beutifully, however I would like to extend it so I can backup my windows 2k (ntfs) and win98 fat32 partitions as well.

    I have the ntfs support and the mounting points all done, but before I try it I want to know if ther are any pros and cons with this ? (I do not intend to store the tar backup on ntfs .. but in linux).

    Will tar understand the attribute and everything on a win2k ntfs volume ?

    grateful for any input



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    Re:Backup help

    I can't see it posing a problem. It's just a "file", whether or not you could read the formating of it would not dictate whether or not you could add it to an archive and compress it.

    Let us know how it goes.

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