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Thread: How to uninstall 8.0???

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    How to uninstall 8.0???

    Ok, I need to uninstall 8.0. I need the extra hard drive for something else. I realize that I can just reformat, but how do I get rid of lilo from the mbr?

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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???

    you replacing it with windows?
    from a dos prompt rin fdisk /mbr
    i think therres a copy in c:/windows/command

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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???

    Thanks alastair, I may need to be a little clearer. windows is on the 1st hd (master) and suse is on the slave. I need to remove the slave to use in another comp. I don't want to have to deal with lilo on the remaining computer (master) that will have just windows on it.

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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???

    right, ill go thru it a bit clearer, if theres something that doesn't apply, ignore it.
    1: Removing SuSE from the secondary harddrive
    -Boot up the SuSE install disk (yes, we are removing it)
    -Get to the partition screen and remove the linux partition, adding a windows one if you want to.
    -Go to the next screen to write the changes then reboot the computer.

    2: removing LiLo
    -Boot the compter with a windows boot disk
    -at the A:\> prompt, type in 'fdisk /mbr' (without the quotes). This will restore the partition table to a windows one

    2a: if fdisk is NOT on the floppy
    -Boot into windows
    -Open a dos Prompt
    -cd to C:\Windows\Command
    -run 'fdisk /mbr' from there

    Hope this is clearer


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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???

    Beautiful! Thanks. Just what I needed. Now, if somebody could make a Linux distro with PAINLESS modem/internet configuration! \
    Thanks Again

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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???

    Redhat's works, so Does Mandrake
    Do you have a win modem? that could be the problem

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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???

    alastair, I have both types of modems. I know that a win modem is a no go in linux. I forgot I had the win modem installed in this computer and when I installed suse, no modem was configured. When I realized what I had done, it was to late. I do not have the time to figure out how to configure my compatable modem manually. When I have the chance I will reinstall suse in the new computer with the proper modem and hopefully all will be right with the world once again ;D

    Thanks again

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    Re:How to uninstall 8.0???


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