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Thread: Linux Backup Recommendation?

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    Linux Backup Recommendation?

    OK, I could use a little advise...

    I have been using Linux quite regularly for about 8 months now. And I have several "homemade" linux boxes at home, including a Gentoo box that took me quite awhile to get exactly the way I wanted.

    Now I am ready to back up! I don't own any tape drives or anything for home use. And I pretty much just have one CD-RW drive between the lot for now.

    So what are my backup options? I am looking for something that could do a complete system restore in case of a hard drive failure. I suppose there could even be a way to store my system data on a remote system and restore it via my LAN network as well.

    Anyways, any help or ideas anyone has would be appreciated.



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    Re:Linux Backup Recommendation?

    we were talking about this a few weeks ago....
    here we go;threadid=1145


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    Re:Linux Backup Recommendation?

    Thanks Alastair!

    I had already done a quick forums search, but somehow I missed this post.

    Thanks again,


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