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    File Sharing

    Before I get to the question let me lay a little ground work. I have one cpu running rh7.3 and one running win xp they are networked together through a dlink router to share internet access over dsl. I sent up samba server on the rh machine and am able to browse the shares that I set up on rh machine including opening and coping files or modifying word processing doc saved in ms word format from open office. I then turned around and configured LISa on the rh machine and can browse to the shared directories on the win box. I went to the Win machine and enabled users on the network to modify files in the shared directory. I then wrote a test doc in word and put it into the shared directory. I browsed to it with using lan:/ and opened the file using OpenOffice. I made a few mods to it and did a save. This is where the question comes in. When I close OO I get a msg that the file has been modified would I like to up load it. I say yes and it attempts to up load retuning an error SMB unable to write. Have I forgotten to edit or enable something to allow me to write to files on the Win machine? Sorry about the novel and I know that the question is vague, but any help is greatly appriciated.

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    Re:File Sharing

    Can ypu flawlessly copy, move, edit from and to on both hosts?


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    Re:File Sharing

    I ran into a writing problem as well, I solved mine, by changing the directory's privilages(this is early for me, sorry for spelling) so i did a chmod 777 /tmp/share' then i could do as i pleased.


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