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Thread: Problems activating network card in Red Hat 7.3;please help!

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    Problems activating network card in Red Hat 7.3;please help!

    Hi everyone,I'm a Linux newbie(only installed it a week ago today)and am looking to learn the OS and eventually switch from Windows.I really don't know anything about compiling kernels or loading modules and stuff like that,so if someone can be pretty specific when they explain things to me I would greatly appreciate it.
    My problem is,I'm dual booting W2k and Red Hat 7.3 and everything works except for my modem(it's a HSP56 MR by PC tel) and my nic cards.
    My modem doesn't even get recognized by Linux;it probes for a modem when I try to set up a modem connection but it says that there is no modem in my system.
    My 2 nic cards are listed in the hardware list and also appear under network configuration_the thing is that I can't activate either one.Eth0 is an added PCI card (Realtek 8139/810x);that's the one that I have been using for my DSL connection to Earthlink.Eth1 is the onboard card(SiS900 PCI)
    and it is currently disabled in Device mgr so I'm not trying to activate this one,I'm only concerned right now about the Realtek card and setting up the modem.
    Can someone help me with this?

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    Re:Problems activating network card in Red Hat 7.3;please help!

    you may want to review a thread in this forum addressing a generic version of this chipset (;threadid=1167 ). your redhat 7.3 install should have configured this since its part of the kernel module. see the name of the module is either 8139too or 8139cp.

    you may need to provide some more information. a good place to start might be to post the output of dmesg > output.txt. This will
    create a .txt file to your default directory. The dmesg command is used to print kernel messages that determine if a device has been found, and if so, the name the system has given the device and possible issues related to modules needed to make the device go.

    in this case, network cards have special commands that are helpful such as ifconfig -a. ifconfig will list the IP address and the status (up/down/promiscuous) of network interfaces.
    if you want to avoid retyping it, save the output to a .txt file like this cp ifconfig -a >output2.txt
    this should copy a file to your default directory (probably root) which you can copy to a floppy and then cut and paste here.

    we probably also probably would want to know about all the modules that are currently installed.
    cp /proc/modules > output3.txt should do the trick. you may also want to check the IRQ's to see if there is a resource conflict. try something like /proc/interrupts.

    you should probably also read the man page for modprobe because there is a good chance you may end up using modprobe to force installation of the module.

    to get this information posted here you will probably want to copy to a floppy and cut and paste it here. to copy the info to a floppy try:
    mount /mnt/floppy
    cp output.txt /mnt/floppy
    do the second command for each of the files you made above and, given this information, somebody more knowledgeable than me can help you troubleshoot this problem.

    good luck

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    Re:Problems activating network card in Red Hat 7.3;please help!

    take a look in /etc/modules.conf

    it has to be something like :
    alias eth0 8139too
    alias eth1 ?????
    mayby try alias eth1 ne2k-pci if the your onboard network card is ne2000 compatible

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