well I'm getting back to the basics a Compaq Deskpro XE 560 type basics. This pentium 60 is my only machine but i seem to be having trouble with the colour aspect. This comp used to have winblows 95 (phear not it has slack now ;D ) and the color was buggy but worked. But I installed slack (8.2) and now have zero colour(Not even the nifty directory colors in ls). But in experminting with Xf86config the true settings for my monitor produce a "No screens found" err. but very basic settings create a odd screen (it appears as the top half missing) and very large pixels(due to the 640x480) setting. The video is built into the motherboard and I belive that it is a Compaq "Qvision 1024/I" chip but can't confirm that fact. But it creates no luck with Xwin and I'm kinda stuck.
Thanx in advance