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Thread: installing modem drivers

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    installing modem drivers

    I've jumped in over my head getting into this Linux, thing, but I've determined that I'm not willing to bow and scrape for M$ and their allies forever!

    Anyway, with my fresh install of Suse Linux8, things went fairly well. I discovered my modem was of "the undetected sort", (Diamond 2260 HCF 56iVoice) but it so happened in my searching that I found a beta Linux driver for it, and all the file numbers and system numbers seemed to match up, so I thought "Great", but it still doesn't seem to be working.

    I don't know much about running linux commands yet, but I wasn't too thrilled about typing some "long-ass name" correctly into a run dialog, so I just clicked on the driver file (I had put it on my desktop) and "something" seemed to start up and install it apparently.

    So I went back into the modem configuration, half expecting the modem to appear as a recognized device, but no luck. There is absolutely no change, so what the hell does a Linux modem driver do?

    Anyway, I've played with the modem init strings as best I know how (copying stuff from a windows *.inf file).

    I'm irritated by the wvdial thing, which I click on and it pops up, and does something and then closes again before two photons register on my retina

    I'd like to have something just like Hyperterminal where I could simply test the modem response to commands. How would you do this in Linux 8?

    And, I've searched hi and low for this port number thing which JohnQ spoke of, but I cannot find it, its not in the modem configuration area.

    BTW, when I do a hardware info scan, the modem appears correctly recognised in the list of PCI devices, so why isn't it recognised in the modem configuration?

    When I click on Kinternet,then start, the options for dial or hang up are not active. When I view the log, it seems like things are okay up to a point (ie., ppp0 isn't dead anyways).

    I have the feeling that the thing is almost to the point of working, I'm just missing that vital clue about something.

    I'd be most grateful for your response. Thank you.

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    Re:installing modem drivers

    Hey, I succeeded in getting online all my self. I am typing this from within Konqueror.

    Anyway, the problem seem to lay totally within the wvdial.conf. It seems that the settings I make in modem configuration do not get carried across to this file. Manually editing it (as root) and putting in the normal init strings and stuff made it work.

    Apparently the linux modem driver did go in, but for all I know, this may have worked before, if I'd known to edit this file before.

    I'm very happy about that.

    I'd send in a note to somebody about this being a bit of a headache for us newbies, but I wonder if it would do any good?

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