I'm a Linux newbie. I got the SuSE Linux8.0 package.

checking partitions..
hdb: lost interrupt
lost interrupt
lost interrupt etc
(hdb = zip100 drive)

I first noticed this error on initial installation, so I rebooted and went to "Safe install" or something like that, and the installation went without a hitch. I actually made it through several warm boots and was in looking around in the GUI, but not yet doing anything. I do know that the zip drive was visible in Konqueror, so somehow the linux system does recognize it. BTW, this is a dual boot ME computer, and I know all the hardware works in windows.

So now, after the machine has been off, and cold booting to Linux, I cannot get past this message area, in regular boot or
safe boot.

There must be a boot parameter that will skip this "checking partitions. lost interrupt" stuff on the zip drive. Can you enlighten me?

Thanks a lot.