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Thread: Cannot build kernel with IPX support

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    Fox Mulder

    Cannot build kernel with IPX support

    First of all, hello to everybody. I'm a new member: it's quite a long time I read the posts, but this is the first topic I start.
    The problem I have to face is that I'm trying to rebuild kernel version 2.4.2 on RedHat 7.1 with IPX support for Athlon CPU. I tried both built-in support and module support.
    In the first case I cannot complete the build because I get the error:

    invalid reference to sysctl_ipx_pprop_broadcasting

    while making bzImage (I included sysctl support in the kernel when I saw this message, but it didn't change anything).
    In the second case (IPX support as a module) I get an error while installing the module (make modules_install):

    unresolved symbol _mmx_memcpy.

    Please can anyone help me? I'm not under the risk to be fired, but I'm close to be . Thanks in advance

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    Re:Cannot build kernel with IPX support

    Quote Originally Posted by Fox Mulder
    kernel version 2.4.2 on RedHat 7.1
    That kernel has been updated multiple times since Red Hat 7.1 was released. Update your system with all the available updates and try compiling the updated kernel and see if that cures your problem.

    Jim H

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