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Thread: I'd like to thank everyone!!!

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    I'd like to thank everyone!!!

    I would personally like to thank every person on this forum. I have solved so many problems just by reading older threads. Linux is an OS I don't mind taking the time to learn.

    All i was ever exposed to was Windows and Mac (OSX was nice!!)

    I am now able to burn disks, watch DVD's, surf, play games, emails, and all the other stuff I did in Windows. I don't consider Linux to be extremely difficult it's just new. All new things don't come easy and thats the way it is. Now copying files from my windows partition is easy. And i can go on forever.

    What I really want to say is thank you all for your help and taking the time to respond to the few posts I put up.

    Thanks again you make me want to learn


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    Re:I'd like to thank everyone!!!

    Happy trails 8) 8) :P

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    Re:I'd like to thank everyone!!!

    Not that any of my posts are helpful, but you're welcome! And good luck with your further ventures with Linux!


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