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Thread: Should my box be so slow?

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    Should my box be so slow?

    I am running MDK 8.1 and things seem to run slow for the hardware that I have....

    Abit KR7A mobo
    AMD Athlon XP 1700 (1467mhz)
    256 DDR RAM
    Maxtor ATA133 60GB
    Pioneer DVD
    Sony 24x burner (junk)

    when i copy files from my windows partition it doesn't seem to copy very fast

    also when i use Ogle to play a DVD it is alittle jumpy. In the command line I see 24.785 fps.

    applications also seem to launch slow

    what's the best way to speed things up?

    thanx ???

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    Re:Should my box be so slow?

    Hey RAID,

    Little late on this reply but that's ok! The answer is no, it shouldn't be this slow.
    Are you still having these problems?

    You should run the console command `top`, and see if there is a program ( or programs ) taking up a lot of cpu usage or memory. If so, and you don't need them I'd recommend killing them.

    Other then that I can't really see what would be the culprit.

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