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    I upgrade my kernel from redhat 7.3 2.4.18-3 to 2.4.18-5 due
    to the problem that I am having of geting my zaurus and
    my linux box talking. I ran the redhat rpm and also lilo and changed /etc/lilo.conf accordingly. I have a dull boot system
    win 2k and linux now when I boot I select Linux from the win 2k boot loader and all I see is LIL- what the hack happend.
    I hop someone out there can help, I sure dont want to have
    to reload the OS over again

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    Boot from your bootdisk - (you did make one didn't you!!) Then check your lilo.conf file to make sure you enered the correct root hda or hdb as the case may be. I.E. root=/dev/hda1 or root=/dev/hdc1, then when you are sure its O.K. run /sbin/lilo to reinstall lilo.

    If i remember correctly when you get LIL.... at boottime it means lilo isn't loading the second stage installer.
    Hopes this helps

    Edit: my apologies, i didn't read your post correctly, i see you are using the W2k bootloader.

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