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Thread: Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help

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    Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help

    I am very new to Linux world. I have fought with my PC for 3 days to install Red Hat Linux. My default OS is Windows Me. So I made two partitions like C:\ and D:\.

    C:\ consists of Windows Me and D:\ consists of Red Hat Linux 7.0
    My D:\ consists of only 2 files, they are
    REDHAT.IMG (1.82 GB)
    RH-SWAP.IMG (127 MB)

    The installation is complete. But during the installation, Linux has asked me to place a new formatted floppy into the floppy drive for making it a bootable floppy. I have followed the instructions.

    Now when I start my PC, the default OS Windows Me comes, I am not given options like

    Microsoft Windows Me
    Red Hat Linux 7.0

    So that I can choose one OS to boot.

    If I need to start working with Linux, I need to place the bootable floppy created during the installation time and restart my PC. This is not my option, as I cannot place the floppy every time I start working with Linux.


    When I start my PC, I wanted to see both the options like

    Windows Me
    Redhat Linux
    Time : 30 sec

    So, that I can choose the required OS to boot.

    Please help me.

    Java Developer

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    Re:Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help

    what you have done is installed linux on a windows partition.
    it works, but isn't really recomended for a workable linux installation.
    as you have a seperate partition that you want to you for linux, i would recomend reinstalling it on a native linux partition.
    you will also have to make a swap partition, 100mb should be fine
    then you can make a partion for /, the root directory of linux
    then you will be able to choose what to boot from at bootup

    if you have any problems or more questions feel free to ask, we should be able to help you with them


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    Re:Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help

    yeah, i have something to contribute as well since when i did it, i did it from the seam of my pants. this ended up in me reinstalling a few times to get this right. anyways, here is what i recommend.

    1. reinstall windows and leave space for a _serpate_ linux partition.

    1.5 . print a RH manual off _someone elses_ printer :P, it is useful

    2. create a bootable CD from the ISOs that you have. most CD burning apps have an option somewhere, i know that in Easy CD creater, it was under teh file menu.

    3. install RH from those CDs, and since you have declared yourself as new, let RH do most of the work. you will come to a part where it asks about partitions. i believe there is something that says use reamining space on drive. do that. then on the next screen, it will show you what it is setting up for partitions. i _believe_ you can modify this. if you just want to get it running and play with it, just go on from here. otherwise, you can try to make a few partitions here. i believe you will already notice a few like swap, and boot. yo want to make sure that you create a partition called "/", and "/home". because in linux all of your personal settings and user info goes into home, when you upgrade RH, you can choose to avoid getting rid of this partition. again, it may take a few tries, but it works.
    4. about SWAP memory. make sure that it is at least double your total RAM

    ::::hew::: *babbing draws a new breath*

    5. coffee break :P

    6. when choosing a boot loader, my choice, and i can be of more help if you go this way, is lilo. make _sure_ you put lilo into the MBR( master boot record ). this will make sure that linux boots before windows. log in as root. in order to make the system dual boot, and i am sorry if this is painful, i need you to edit a file. choose a text editor of your choice, and open /etc/lilo.conf.
    all you have to do is add this text to the end of the file and save it.

    # DOS bootable partition config begins
    other = /dev/hda1
    label = DOS
    table = /dev/hda

    where other = /dev/hda1 is where windows in on the harddrive (the windows partition) and table = /dev/hda is which harddrive it is on in case you have a few going.

    definitly ask questions, and try to be as specific as possible when asking. this ensures we give you the most accurate answer :P


    Babbing 8) 8) 8)

    * lemme know if i F'ed up anything in here or if it is unclear

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    Re:Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help

    Thanks for your reply. I thought of removing the linux from my PC and did the same for a new install.

    I now have Win Me in my C:\ . Please tell me what should I need to do to make my Linux work as a dual boot.

    I have followe these steps, in the beginning

    1. Place the CD labelled Linux 1 in the CD-ROM and restart the PC.

    2. I get some options, I pressed Enter

    3. A few steps later, I get the GUI installer

    4. Asking for time,monitor,processor,etc...

    5. Making the partitions, with Automatic, Dual Druid and fdisk.

    6. I selected Dual Druid, I get the following structure,


    Mount Point Device Requested Actual Type
    <not set> hda1 28000M 28000M Win95 FAT 32



    hda blah 28000M 0M 28000M 100 %

    I have a problem with this step.

    7. I got errors from here on words, but proceded to the installation.

    Please tell me what do I need to do after this point. Shall I click the add button and create Linux Native and Swap partitions?

    If so what about the Win95 Fat 32 partition, Shall I leave it as it is?

    Will "hda" allow me to do the partitioning, as it is occupying all of the space in the hard disk?

    Please help,


    1. I used the Win Me bootable floppy along with "fips.exe" to partition my hard disk.

    2. I was able to split my c: ( 28 GB ) into C:\ 10 GB for Win Me and 18 GB for D:\ (Red hat Linux)

    3. I removed the floppy and restarted the PC with my bootable Linux first CD

    4. I proceded with the instructions and moved to the partition step

    5. I selected Manual partition using Disk Druid

    6. I have seen these changes in the Disk Druid window


    Mount Point Device Requested Actual Type
    <not set> hda1 10033M 10033M Win95 FAT 32
    <not set> hda2 18589M 18589M Win 95 FAT 32



    hda 3877/240/63 28000M 0M 28000M 100 %

    7. I deleted the hda2 partition, so that I have got hda to 60 % (Approx.) used.

    8. I now made the following changes to the partition


    Mount Point Device Requested Actual Type
    <not set> hda1 10033M 10033M Win95 FAT 32
    /boot hda2 16M 22M Linux Native
    <swap> hda5 125M 125M Linux Swap
    / hda6 1M 18442M Linux Native



    hda 3877/240/63 28623M 0M 28623M 100 %

    9. I clicked the next button which was enabled after the changes and proceded to the installation.

    10. Completed the installation successfully.

    11. Rebotted the PC to see if there are any changes that I was expecting, OH NO, The Win Me boots again. I cant see the options for Linux, even the bootable floppy drive does not solve my problem? Where have I gone wrong? Please help me.

    12. When I move to the Win Me to see the directory structure, I dont find D:\ I see only C:\ with 10 GB. So the Linux is installed, but where is it and How do I get it working as of my needs.

    Thanks for any great help.

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    Re:Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help

    brb :P :P :

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    Re:Dual Boot: Linux and Win ME, Please help


    ok now about partitions. you don't have to do disk druid if you don't know much about partitioning. you can do the automatic setup, then jsut modify it to your needs. it may be a bit easier that way :P .

    also, i don't think that lilo, or grub, is installed to the MBR. the MBR is the earliest stage of the boot process in which the OS can take hold of the system.

    for some reason, i think you are getting very complicated with the whole process. you shouldn't need fips, or any other mumbo jumbo. it should be as easy as install windows, on a partition on one half of the drive, leaving the rest unpartitioned. then you should be able to install linux, and when it askes about partitions, go automatic. tell it to use the remaining space, and about lilo, i think you need to click an otion to install to the MBR. after that, let it do its thing. just make sure windows isn't in hte MBR. then linux will boot and you can tell lilo to give an option for windows upon boot. i hope that this helps. 8)

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