I am very new to Linux world. I have fought with my PC for 3 days to install Red Hat Linux. My default OS is Windows Me. So I made two partitions like C:\ and D:\.

C:\ consists of Windows Me and D:\ consists of Red Hat Linux 7.0
My D:\ consists of only 2 files, they are

The installation is complete. But during the installation, Linux has asked me to place a new formatted floppy into the floppy drive for making it a bootable floppy. I have followed the instructions.

Now when I start my PC, the default OS Windows Me comes, I am not given options like

Microsoft Windows Me
Red Hat Linux 7.0

So that I can choose one OS to boot.

If I need to start working with Linux, I need to place the bootable floppy created during the installation time and restart my PC. This is not my option, as I cannot place the floppy every time I start working with Linux.


When I start my PC, I wanted to see both the options like

Windows Me
Redhat Linux
Time : 30 sec

So, that I can choose the required OS to boot.

Please help me.

Java Developer