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Thread: Update Kernel-kmix fragged

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    Update Kernel-kmix fragged

    i updated my kernel to 2.4.18-5, on RH. when i boot into it, i have _no_ volume controls in Kmix. i am using an Audigy soundcard. do i have to remake the drivers for it in order to get sound back?? note, not even system sounds are operating. i am able to get sound in the older kernel though. any help is greatly appreciated.

    update: aumix has a failed mark upon shutdown.

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    Re:Update Kernel-kmix fragged

    chances are you didn't compile the correct sound drivers into the kernel.....
    go back into the sound section (use make xconfig) and see if you can find the chipset there

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    Re:Update Kernel-kmix fragged

    well you see, the thing is that it did _everything_ in up2date. it boild down to teh fact that i don't know what it did. for the older kernel, i had to compile the drivers, and note that they still work, but for some reason, the go between the two isn't the same. i am gonan have to try and remake them i think in the newer kernel. :-[ :-[

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    Re:Update Kernel-kmix fragged

    ah, so you downloaded a kernel rpm??
    sorry, can't help u there

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    Re:Update Kernel-kmix fragged


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