Ok, I am still kind of new to Linux. And I have recently done some experimenting on my old "Mandrake 8.1" box.

I downloaded the full stock Kernel source (tar file) from "kernel.org" (kernel 2.4.18). This was my first attempt to install a kernel on a comercial distro (I don't count my previous Gentoo installs), so I might have missed some important steps.

Anywho, I can boot and use "X" fine and all. But when I tried installing my Nvidia drivers I get the following error:

#error Modules should never use kernel-headers system headers
#error but headers from an appropriate kernel-source

According to Nvidia the Answer to this error is:

"You need to install the source for the Linux kernel. In most situations you can fix this problem by installing the kernel-source package for your distribution."

Ok, so how do I install source manually from the kernel build I just did?

Thanks ahead of time to any advice anyone can give.