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Thread: Linux Installation

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    Linux Installation

    I wish to install Slackware Linux ver 7 (CD) and am totally lost. I have read a number of articles on Linux and installation and they make no sense to me at all.

    My system is AMD 800 mhz (soon to be 1.2 gig) with 250 meg ram, 32 meg tv out video, 40 gig & 8.4 gig HDD etc. On the 40 gig I have windows me running twice using boot magic to enable me to select which one I want. I also have the 8.4 gig linked with boot magic but only have dos on there at the moment. I have Promise facility and have the 8.4 gig installed this way. I can access the 8.4 gig direct by disabling my 40 gig (primary HDD) and it is on the 8.4 I wish to install Linux.

    I would be pleaseed to here from anyone who has some patience.



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    Re:Linux Installation


    I am a linux newbie too, but I understand slackware is not the easiest distro to start with. It is more for the experts.
    Perhaps you could try a different distro like mandrake.
    If you have free space left on a disk (can be arranged under Windows or dos by removing a partition or resizing one)
    Linux can install automatically.

    Good luck!


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    Re:Linux Installation

    well, it can be said that linux in general is difficult or only for experts. Slack just gives you a bare bones setup, and lets you install anything you want. the issue comes in reading and comprehension. The more you use linux, the more you will understand what messages mean, and also, where to look for information. i know that when i first started using linux(RH7.3, stats below) i installed a few(7-8) times jsut because i didn't fully understand what RH was telling me. so, use a positive outlook and go get'm. We learn from mistakes, so go ahead and try to install slack, and soon you will understand more and hopefully have more questions we can answer. :P



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