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Thread: GRUB vs. LILO

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    GRUB vs. LILO

    I'm currently using LILO but thinking of switching to GRUB.

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    Grub is so superior to lilo, the menu.lst systax is simple and if I make a mistake I can edit it from within the bootloader itself.

    oh and no need to run grub when ever you edit the menu.lst file, unlike Lilo.

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    sounds nice .. but i always found grub to complicate to install ..

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    [quote author=ch-b link=board=2;threadid=4766;start=0#47439 date=1030608112]
    sounds nice .. but i always found grub to complicate to install ..

    make && make install && grub

    root (hd0,0)
    setup (hd0)

    vi /boot/grub/menu.lst

    what's hard about that?

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    I use LILO because I know how to use it and I don't know why I should switch.

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    I use grub mainly because the default lilo for redhat is so butt ugly. Other then that I think that each work very well, and have seen on this board how to dress up lilo so its win-win.

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    well i use Lilo because that's what the LFS book uses and i'm too lazy to care about my bootloader because i spend so little time looking at it. Lilo has always worked for me and i don't have any complaints to be honest. I try to reboot as little as possible and even if i do reboot my Lilo is setup to only wait for 2 seconds before picking my default Ralinux system (only other option is the backup copy of my Ralinux system) so i hardly even notice it's presence in my booting procedure.

    The LFS book will most likely change to Grub in the future because the new versions of Lilo require bin86 and nasm as a dependency so that adds 2 extra packages to the book that seem to be useless so they're thinking of replacing those 3 packages (lilo, bin86 and nasm) with one (grub). i couldn't care less about the change as long as the grub config is easy to setup.

    oh and btw: the reason the LFS guys are kinda holding back on the change is that there still isn't an OFFICIALLY stable release of Grub. And yes, now a lot of people are gonna say "but it works here" and i believe u but i just wanted to point out that officially Grub is not stable yet.
    as u can see on it is still in beta status and the official download location of grub is which seems to not be working at the moment (and iirc, it hasn't worked for a while..... maybe the FBI arrested Stallman and the rest of the FSF cult)

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    Grub here, i had a lot of problems with lilo when i started LFS so i tried grub and works better.

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    Grub here -- simply because it is prettier. LILO is still easier, but I also had to really dick with it in the past -- whereas I rarely recompile a kernel anymore or have issues with rival os's (one os is on the box ever). So all in all, I like both pretty much eaually, but GRUB is default and prettier, so I use that.

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    Re:GRUB vs. LILO

    i use grub on my redhat 7.3 and debian woody box. it is harder to install than LILO but has got some nice features.
    I like LILO for the fact that we can pass in a run level to boot to and you can't with grub (just single user mode).

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