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Thread: newbie! problems with partitions/modem etc

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    newbie! problems with partitions/modem etc

    Hi All

    i am newbie to linux. just managed to install linux to my m/c for dual boot, with windows 98 (hda1). I hardly know anything about linux or unix, so would need step by step guidence.

    1st problem>
    i had a 40 gb hard disk. before instaling linux, i made a partition of 5GB and installed windows98 SE on it. Then while installing linux, i create around 28 gb hard disk (hda2) for the purpose of keeping my important files in windows.
    then i created rest of the partitions as required for linux installation and installed linux.
    then when i booted windows, i formatted the 28gb partition- fat32. put some files on it. and it worked beautifully. then i booted linux and rebooted with windows again, that partition became unusable. i repeated the exercise 3-4 times with the same results.

    can anybody help me on this

    plus can anybody help me configuring and testing my sound card and modem (also do anybody know any free isp which supports linux )

    the link below tells my hardware configuration. please ask, if you need any other info. btw i installed linux 7.2


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    Re:newbie! problems with partitions/modem etc

    Quote Originally Posted by gjfreakout
    btw i installed linux 7.2
    linux 7.2? Mandrake? Red Hat? Suse? ???

    eeeeeeeeeek! A combo software sound card/modem. :P :-\

    Good luck getting it too work. :'(

    If you can find out exactly what chipset is on the modem you might be able to find a driver at:

    The sound card says it is AC 97. Possible it might work, but AC 97 support has never been great. Although from what I understand the OSS drivers are improving.

    Jim H

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    Re:newbie! problems with partitions/modem etc

    thanks for the reply..

    its redhat linux 7.2

    can you gove me some guidence about how to find which chipset in my m/c.
    btw i went to, but every thing there seemed greek to me

    you wrote sound card might work, can you tell me step by step what should i do, in plain english


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    Re:newbie! problems with partitions/modem etc

    Definitiv erklären Sie es nicht in irgendeiner anderer Sprache!

    ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:newbie! problems with partitions/modem etc

    I have an AC97 onboard soundcard.
    I have got drivers for this card from 4Front technologies which i think is

    The AC97 driver is an addition to the standard driver that can be downloaded from oss.

    It is easy to install, just download the software and run the install file; cd to the install directory and type ./install and it should run.

    I have found the software to be good and i get greta sounds using dvd's etc.

    The only problem is that you have to pay for it. I think it's about $20 for a year.

    There are installation instructions with the software (once it has been unpacked).



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