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    Stupid question

    Hi guys,

    I think that this is a pretty stupid question but I get caught up in these little issues A LOT. Anyway I think that I am going to be adding a 2nd NIC to my Windows box and was just curious, when I go to, lets say, ping my linux laptop how does it know which NIC to use, or does it use them both and the one with a response wins??

    So yeah I will be adding another NIC without sharing the internet connection... I MAY move the internet connect over to the laptop when I have played with the current configuration a little more and then set up a little router/firewall/server for myself.

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    Re:Stupid question

    When you ping an IP, it will first look to see what net the IP belongs to, if the two NIC's have seperate nets, the one containing the IP you want to ping wins.
    If both NIC's will have IPs belonging to the same net, then the one with the default route (unless theres a specific route ordered for contacting the IP you want to ping) will be tried first, should this fail it will try the second NIC.

    But the again, this is windows, I have no idear if they follow the standards within IP routing... Guessing from varius situations, I would say they dont.

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    Re:Stupid question

    no redhead, you are correct. That is exactly how it works (at least on an NT kernel)

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    Re:Stupid question

    Two good Command Prompt commands to learn.


    My $0.02

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