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Thread: Enlightenment installation

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    Enlightenment installation

    I am trying to install enlightenment window manager on RH 7.3 GNOME. I compiled the source successfully but it won't show up in the window manager selections.

    I went to /usr/local/enlightenment and run the enlightenment-install
    Log out and log back in, but no enlightenment option.

    Whenever I log out, I went to the command line (run level 3), so I assumed that I restarted the X server too.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re:Enlightenment installation

    Hmm, I thought Red Hat had shipped E with 7.3, but looking at the package list I guess they didn't.

    Are you using a graphical (runlevel 5) or CLI (runlevel 3) login?

    If you are using runlevel 5 then you can use the GDM configuration tool to add E to the list of options. It will be listed under your system menu.

    If you are using runlevel 3 then edit ~/.Xclients-default and run E from there. Just replace whatever is there now with:

    exec /full/path/to/enlightenment

    You won't need the full path if the E executable is in your path already.

    Jim H

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    Re:Enlightenment installation

    yeah Jim, i don't believe it is packaged with it.

    i just did this the other day myself. i think i got an RPM though which made it easier. anyways, here is the deal.
    1. you need to run at level three so that no X server starts. in run level 5, i believe X is automatically started, correct me if i am wrong here.
    do get to run level 3, log in and get to a prompt. at the prompt (as the supeuser) type /sbin/init 3

    this will boot you out to the prompt entirely. then type logout. log in again and type enlightenment. that should start E, assuming it is installed properly :P.

    i have tried myself to get E to show up as an option upon login when at level 5, but to no avail. i don't know why. maybe there is a file that i have to edit or something to make it show up, i have no idea.

    lemme know how you make out.



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    Re:Enlightenment installation

    I couldn't install Enlightenment from source. I'm not an advance 'nix system user. I'm still learning and hoping that someday I can rely on this great operating system.

    Anyway, I finally installed E through RPM. I couldn't make the installation from source to work. I knew that I need fnlib, tried to install it. I thought I did. I was trying to install E through RPM, after installed fnlib from source, and it was still asking for fnlib.

    I installed fnlib through RPM instead and then E also through RPM. Finally it worked. I can see E option on my window manager.

    FYI: the computer is setup to have command line login (run level 3), so whenever I log out, it will shut down the x server. How do you change between KDE and GNOME then, since you don't have the graphical logon?

    Thanks for all your help JimH and babbing. I am sure I will need your help again. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

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    Re:Enlightenment installation

    I rebooted the system and now I cannot change the window manager to any other options. I guess I have to live with E until I reinstall RedHat.

    How can I change the theme anyway? I've tried to use the GNOME theme selector and add new theme but it won't let me add new E themes from freshmeat. The theme is for DR 0.16 or for DR 0.17 btw. It's a newbie question. Thanks.

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    Re:Enlightenment installation

    After you login at the shell prompt type:

    switchdesk GNOME


    switchdesk KDE

    Then just startx and you will be in whatever you selected.

    I have not used E in years. I have no I dea how to change the theme. ch0c0b0 might know how. I think he was running E on his Gentoo install.

    Jim H

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