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Thread: Just wondering...

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    Just wondering...

    Hi, at the moment, I have Windows XP and I am thinking of partitioning my hard drive and putting on a copy of Linux - Mandrake. I want to use Windows for all my games, and Linux for my other important documents and internet purposes. I heard that with Linux Mandrake it is difficult to setup the internet using ethernet/broadband. Is this true?

    Thanks ;D

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    Re:Just wondering...

    No, in fact, with the latest version of Mandrake, you'll most likely find it simpler to setup than any winders connection. That however, depends on a few things...including the make/model of NIC you use, whether the modem is external or not, and whether or not you have information regarding your ISP's dns servers.
    Like anything else, the more you know about things going into it, the simpler it will be.

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