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Thread: IP masquerading

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    IP masquerading

    I am having trouble setting up IP maquerading. I have Linux Kernel 2.4 and IPtables 1.2.5. I am trying to run the firewall rc-firewall-2.4 and am getting these messages when the script is run

    iptables v1.2.5:: can't initialize iptables 'filter' :iptables who ? (do you need to insmod)?
    it ives that message for several files and it also gives
    Perhaps your iptables or your kernel need to be upgreaded.
    : init_module: Device or resources are busy
    iand finally it says
    Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect modules parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters

    Also should both my ethernet cards in my Linux box be set on DHCP or should on have the adrees statically set?

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    Re:IP masquerading

    You are trying to use iptables when the ipchains module is loaded. You can't have both loaded at the same time.

    Look at the Masquerade thread, somewhere in that thread I explained how to disable ipchains.

    Jim H

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    Re:IP masquerading

    Alright I have the script and firewall running but I still cannot get the Internet workingon the Windows client. I can ping all machines but when I start up Internet Explorer it will not pick up the web pages and eventually times out. I have set the DNS servers to the ones that are on the Linux machine and set the Ip address too Its gateway is which is eth1 in my Linux box. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re:IP masquerading

    Firewall script not configured properly for your network settings?

    Jim H

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