I am using Mandrake 8.2, and have been able to work with it much better than any other distro I have tried. Now I am having a problem because I have a dual-boot system with Windows 98 that I must have for games. I have just un-installed what I had on there and re-installed a stripped down un-encumbered version of W-98. But when I boot into Mandrake It doesn't recognize my new installation and partitions. it seems to want to keep reading the partitions that were there before. When it boots up it says something about filesystem ha schanged and has failed in red letters twice. It moves pretty fast so I can't quite catch exactly what it says.
My question is, how can I get Mandrake to recognize the new partions as they are, or mount points, I guess they're called? Under the mnt directory it has Windows, and program files, under the J drive, which was the last drive before, now it's I, but it's all screwed up.