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Thread: gfx probs

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    gfx probs

    : Hi all, not posted for a while I've updated rh7.3 to the problem is with the display. When it gets to the login screen it flashes like mad, after a few minutes I get this message:

    INIT: ID "x" respanwning too fast: disables for five minutes.

    I using nvidia latest drivers 2960, I have a ge-force-2mx-400. my system runs fine on but having probs on

    any help apprecitated.

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    Re:gfx probs

    The use of Nvidia's closed source binary drivers requires that you reinstall those drivers everytime you update your kernel.

    This is one reason why I recommend avoiding products from companies that require the use of closed source binary drivers.

    Jim H

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    Re:gfx probs

    Hi jim

    so I'll have to remove my drivers from boot into and re-install the drivers?

    when I removed drivers after updating the kernal went mad, I put em back in again and it was ok. I installed the drivers under think it would be ok for but sadly i was wrong.

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    Re:gfx probs

    We will have to get one of the Nvidia card users on the board to jump in and tell you exactly what you need to do. Anyone?

    Jim H

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    Re:gfx probs

    well, looks like its my turn... :P
    boot into linux with runlevel 3
    -at lilo, enter to text mode if you have to, then type linux 3 (or whatever the linux label is)
    -don't know how to do it in grub

    log in as root, and goto the graphics drivers folder.
    are you using the source packages or rpms?

    install the kernel first
    rpm -Uvh
    then the glx
    rpm -Uvh

    unzip the kernel and glx
    tar xvzf archive
    cd to the kernel dir and run make
    cd to the GLX dir and run make

    im assuming the XF86Config has been edited

    that should work

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    Re:gfx probs

    Hi m8

    I've done that, however the problem was when I updated the kernel through redhat network, from to while the nvidia driver was installed, the latter kernel dont like the driverss

    any clue's.

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    Re:gfx probs

    Did you install the drivers for the 2.4.18-5 kernel? The Nvidia drivers are kernel specific. The drivers must match the kernel version version being used.

    Jim H

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    Re:gfx probs

    the nvidia rpms don't like anything other than the default kernel that came with the distro.
    grab the tarballs and see what happens

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