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Thread: Cups printing

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    Cups printing

    For users who have Gentoo installed and are using cups for printing, if attempting to print gives this error (from /var/log/cup/error_log):

    Unable to convert file 0 to printable format for job 3!
    This means you don't have the necessary filters installed to convert the files. The problem was that esp-ghostscript and ghostscript were separate ebuilds. Since cups require the esp-ghostscripts filters, it could not use these unless you had it installed.

    Updating ghostscripts (it is now under one ebuild), should fix this issue.

    *  app-text/ghostscript
          Latest version Available: 7.05.3-r1
          Latest version Installed: 7.05.3-r1
          Description: ESP Ghostscript -- an enhanced version of GNU Ghostscript
          with better printer support

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    Re:Cups printing

    Sounds like they need to update the dependancies on the cups ebuild.

    Jim H

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    Re:Cups printing

    Yeah, they took care of that by getting rid of eps-ghostscripts and just using ghostscripts.

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