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Thread: Turning Num Lock on

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    Turning Num Lock on

    This is probably an insultingly easy question, but I'll insult you anyway How can I set my computer on so that Num Lock is turned when I log in? This is one thing I haven't reprogrammed my own behaviour to accept in the transition from windoze to linux!



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    Re:Turning Num Lock on

    yes this is a thing that linux doesn't do.
    there is a program that you can get that turns it on when you turn on the computer, but X seems to turn it off again. i think thats an X setting.
    then kde has its own option to turn it on when that boots up.
    take a look here:
    here (translated from google):
    and here:


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    Re:Turning Num Lock on

    oh yeah, its not insultingly easy....
    it is quite challenging... :P :P :P

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    Re:Turning Num Lock on

    Is it so hard to just press the NumLock after it boots? I never understood the big deal about that..

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    Re:Turning Num Lock on

    heh, i don't plan on turning my box off for a while so pushing the button once won't hurt :P

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    Re:Turning Num Lock on

    Here use this script in one of your booting files, like rc.*, or in your shell startup config.
    for tty in /dev/tty[1-8]; do
    setleds -D +num < $tty

    however this doesn't work on x-windows

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