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Thread: Cheap digital camera

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    Cheap digital camera

    I want to buy a cheap digital camera that will work with gphoto.. Any got any suggestions...? I want to spend under 40 dollars if possible...

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    Re:Cheap digital camera

    pretty sure there are some IBM and logitech mmodels out there that work

    look here and look under supported devices

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    Re:Cheap digital camera

    I actually already have a webcam... Althought it wont work with my box but what I am looking into buying is a digital camera, cheap one at that

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    Re:Cheap digital camera

    doh! i am sorry, i had just answered a webcom post and must have had webcams on the brain.

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    Re:Cheap digital camera

    no problem.. Thanks for the willingness to help...

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    Re:Cheap digital camera

    I don't know that I would go with cheap cheap. With Digital Cameras you get exactly what you pay for. I have a Kodak DX3600 paid about 300 for it and it works great with gphoto2 and gtkam does not work with gphoto frontend in gnome. Check out hp website they have some pretty good cameras for just under 200 or maybe ebay or other warehouse ie egghead if it is still around.

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    Re:Cheap digital camera

    I had a Fuji A201 that worked in linux no prob..

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