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    Real Player

    I tried to listen to Netscape Radio and it tells me I dont have the real player. So, I download it, but when I try to install it tells me I already have a later version. Well, I cannot find it anywhere. Where can I find it, how can I get the plug in working...? Thanks.

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    Re:Real Player

    Hey mugs

    The realplayer binary should be in /usr/local/bin and it will be called realplay. I've also got /home/aaron/RealPlayer8 which contains some dirs called Plugins and Help. I guess your first step would be located those. If it's not in your home dir, try
    `$ find / -name RealPlayer8 2>/dev/null`

    I'm not sure how exactly you'd go about installing the plugin, maybe I'll give it a try and let you know if it works, and how I did it.

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    Re:Real Player

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron_Adams
    The realplayer binary should be in /usr/local/bin and it will be called realplay.
    I think Suse ships with Realplayer. If it does they probably put it somewhere other then /usr/local.

    Using locate is much faster, if it is installed.

    locate realplay

    Jim H

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    Re:Real Player

    I have the same problem. I'm running Lindows OS 2.1 and RedHat Linux 8.0, with Netscape 7.0 and Mazilla. I have Real Audio 8.0, and it plays streaming audio from links to files.

    However, it doesn't work with Netscape's "radio" files.

    How do I get my Linux browser to play radio music?


    Clay D

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    Re:Real Player

    well i dunno about the lindows (are we gonna need a forum for that ;^) )but you can probably follow Jim's instructions by using "locate realplayer" and then putting the url into hte player

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    Re:Real Player

    That will work. I can open Real Player and paste the URL in it. That is a way around the problem, without resolving it. It is a Linux problem only because we apparently aren't getting adequate support yet from the browsrs or Real Audio.

    Maybe, it's time to post a bug report with Mozilla?

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    Re:Real Player

    I think I am near a solution. I spent some time on the Real Audio Support pages.

    I submitted a bug report. I was then given reports and soltuions given by previous users.

    There was one very similar to this one. It involved Real Player 8.0, Netscape 6.0, and Windows. The solution was to go to the browser's preferences and "add" information there about the applications, file type, and mime types. I tried it, but maybe the Mimes are different for Linux? I know the Real Audio address was.

    I submiited an email report and HOPE to hear back from Real Audio.

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    Re:Real Player

    Linux Real Player cannot play Radio@Netscape, because it is not "XP Connect" enabled. It is a java bug, for which no fix has yet been offered. Real uses a "Live Connect," which causes the problem.

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