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Thread: Compaq NIC not be configured

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    Compaq NIC not be configured

    ??? I recently migrated my Linux RH7.3 to an old Compaq DeskPro. The box has an onboard NIC (NetFlex 3/P). For some reasons RH see it as a system device when I query the system using the hardware device utility. It even allocated the "tlan" module. How can I reconfigure it so that RH sees it as a network device?

    I have existing NIC from the old box.


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    Re:Compaq NIC not be configured

    Not sure which DeskPro you have but a search at for:
    network linux "Compaq DeskPro"
    comes up with lots of hits. You say it's an older machine, so chances are there's some hits there that should help you.
    If you can narrow down the model a bit more, I'm pretty sure you can come up with something more useful.

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    Re:Compaq NIC not be configured

    Yes, the old machine is a compaq deskpro 6000 /w Pentium Pro 200mhz. The problem is...RH detected the hardware, it made the mistake of configuring the hardware under system device. It even allocated the driver module (tlan). But no device configured (ethernet). :-\ Does this make any sense? ??? May be I'm confused :P


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    Re:Compaq NIC not be configured

    From what I see the tlan module is the correct module for your card. It sounds like you just need to configure your network setting.

    Just use "neat" of hand edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

    It sounds like the module is being loaded, but you can see by using: /sbin/lsmod

    Jim H

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    Re:Compaq NIC not be configured

    It's working now. I added it as a 2nd ethernet (eth1) using the network configure utility. I selected the ThunderLand adapter for driver module.



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