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Thread: Freedom, another loss for all of us

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    True, actions have the ability to cause harm and infringe upon others in a very lasting way. But you are totally incorrect about speech. Words have the potientiality to cause even more harm than actions.

    But this is a little off subject, I think we started the thread talking about censoring sexual and execretory language. In all seriousness, it shouldn't matter. Parents should be the censors, we shouldn't have to make laws for this stuff, thats a parents responsibility.
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    Re: Freedom, another loss for all of us

    So true, jro. Unfortunately, parents are not always the most responsible people. Under the current state of affairs the government has stepped in and offered to "parent" the people of our country in order to "generate" the most palpable and socially acceptable human beings through control of the media and education. Theoretically it is not a bad idea to keep a lid on media that would harm young people. What we need is responsible discourse to achieve a solution that fits the greatest good for the greatest number. Will it work for everyone, heck no. Should you, or Fatal Error, or maccorin, be censored? No. However, young people should not be exposed to words, pictures, experiences, etc., that would cause them extreme distress or nightmares. Would talking about a really good poo upset them? Maybe not. But they should not see someone beheaded on TV when they're 10 years old.

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