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Thread: Debian vs RPM

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    Debian vs RPM

    Not sure I understand the difference. Is there any?


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    Re:Debian vs RPM

    I think you mean are there differences between dpkg and rpm.

    dpkg being the Debian package manager and rpm being the Red Hat package manager. They both perform the same function, but they are not the same.

    Jim H

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    Re:Debian vs RPM

    Yes, now it make sense, package managers. Now another dumb question, is RPM only a utility available to Red Hat?

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    Re:Debian vs RPM

    because mandrake was originally copied from redhat, it also uses RPM, and most packages will install on it too.
    correct me if im worng, but i seem to recall someting about SuSE using RPM too

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    Re:Debian vs RPM

    Yup, SuSE is rpm based.

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