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Thread: babbing is EVIL!!!!

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    babbing is EVIL!!!!

    Hurm, just been in IRC with Babbing and he told me a nice little story

    <Babbing> story time :P
    <alastair> um, ok.....
    <Babbing> so i am sitting here writing up my asignment for computer science
    <alastair> yeah....
    <Babbing> and my friend walks in, and says he is having a massivly hard time with it
    <Babbing> my apt
    <Babbing> sorry doing many things at once
    <alastair> 's ok
    <Babbing> so i help him for about 3 hrs debugging his program
    <Babbing> until about 20 minutes ago
    <alastair> oh fun!
    <Babbing> and by this time, it is just past 3 am and he is toast
    <alastair> lol
    <alastair> well, his fault walking in at midnight....
    <Oscar> LOL thats funny!
    >Babbing< CTCP TIME
    -Babbing- TIME Fri Jun 28 03:38:46
    <Babbing> so as i am explaining something that is very important for him to know, because he kept screwing it up, he just dozes off
    <Babbing> so i poke him and he comes back
    <alastair> tehehehe
    <Babbing> but then goes to sleep again
    <alastair> LOL
    <Babbing> i end up doing this three times
    <alastair> and again.....
    <alastair> :-P
    <Babbing> after that i let him sleep for a little bit
    <Babbing> and then i get the idea
    <alastair> ohno.....
    <Babbing> i have a marks a lot in my hand
    <Babbing> ...............
    <Babbing> so i started drawing on him
    <alastair> as in a permant marker...
    <Babbing> and he didn't wake up!
    <alastair> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <Babbing> yep!
    <Babbing> so i finish what i was writing and he wakes up and tells me he has to go to bed
    <Babbing> he is still here
    <alastair> what you write?
    <Babbing> just sat up
    <Babbing> and he has NO idea
    <Babbing> jsut scribbled
    <Babbing> anyways, he gets up and i am just laughing my ass off, and he still has no idea
    <alastair> ahwell, ya gonna tell him?
    <Babbing> well, he left, and as he did, i got a drink and went downstairs to his apt
    <Babbing> as he did
    <Babbing> and apparently, he went straight to bed
    <Babbing> so i didn't get to tell him
    <alastair> ahwell, he'll be in for a suprise in a few hours
    <Babbing> i jsut hope he showers and brushes his teeth in the morning :P
    <alastair> no, it'll be even better if he doesn't :-P
    <Babbing> that stuff is hard to get off :P
    <Babbing> HAHAHAH


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    Re:babbing is EVIL!!!!

    muwahahaha......i had better not catch any of you guys sleeping!!! > > 8) :

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    Re:babbing is EVIL!!!!

    lol... When I catch someone asleep ,when they shouldn't be, I plug their nose

    It's priceless when their eyes shoot open in panic after they unsuccesfully try to take in air for awhile. haha

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    Re:babbing is EVIL!!!!

    Muwahahahaha........ :P 8)

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