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    ok after playing with up2date to install gtoaster, xcdroast, and k3b (i wanted to see them all :P) i have some weird glitch happening on my second desktop. when i open either the shell or konquerer, and probably some other things, they just sit there, frozen, with the little hour glass going in circles. what the hell is that??? i use the kde2 default window border theme on my windows and for some reason, that doesn't show up on the shell or konquerer. it just isn't there at all. what is up with this?? maybe by unistalling those rpms it would fix things??

    Update: i removed those rpms and made sure my QT toolkits were all set with up2date. no changes.

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    also, for some reason, this involves the screen saver because that won't come on either now. it comes on on the left but not the right monitor

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    hrmm, hey jim h, would you happen to know where settings for window border themes are kept?? if you do, maybe i can get to them and straighten them out. for some reason, it involves the border themes, and the screen saver, as far as i can tell.

    update: i am kinda leaning towards the window manager being the screw up here. i guess Kwin is the default WM. what parts of this control the borders and screensaver and is it possible to just reinstall it?

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    lol, ok get this. so i go to bed pissed at myself that i didn't resolve this problem yet. > >. so i toss and turn for an hr or so, and finally i plop myself in front of the screen. it is now 4:30 am. i start palying and found this weird little site that had some screen shots showing off there WM. one of those shots happened to be a pic on the look and feel menu from KDE. so i got the idea in my head to go play in there. i chose window decorations, then chose another border theme, and voila, it works. phew, now i can sleep ;D ;D 8)
    god knows what happened there

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    ok so i can't go to sleep. i played too much and now the whole border theme issue jumped to my other screen, but is resolved on the second screen. ??? i have NO idea what the hell is going on. i would really like to start from scratch with Kwin, but i can't seem to find an rpm for it. anyone know where i can get one, i checked the disks (unless it is called something else), freshmeat, and freshrpms.

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    OK! i think i got it. jim, you gotta test this for me. i have a reproducable crash of kwin. if you right click on the title bar and configure. under window decoration, it shows you a list of border themes. go through and at a normal speed choose differnet themes, and after selecting each theme, push apply. this crashes kwin. this has apparently been my issue, kwin crashing. i am not sure what to do about this, but i do have the following from the console about what was happening when it did:

    KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2
    KCrash: Application Name = kwin path = <unknown> pid = 1766
    KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2
    KCrash: Application Name = kwin path = <unknown> pid = 1765

    does that make any sense?

    btw: this sin't how it orginally started, i have yet to figure that out


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