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    Just out of pure curiousity, is there something the OMP is lacking. We haven't had a submission to the OMP in months. Is there something we can do to make people want to submit an OMP of their own? :-\

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    you could offer us some t shirts :P :P :P :P :P :P

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    I'll finish the two OMP's that I started if ya give me a really kewl GLO t-shirt ;D
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    1280MB PC-3200 CAS2.5 RAM
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB AGP
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    Seagate ST3200822A 200GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Western Digital WDC WD1200BB-00CAA1 120GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Western Digital WDC WD800BB-00CAA1 80GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Maxtor OneTouch 2HA43R32 1TB 7200 rpm USB 2.0
    D-Link DFE-530TX+ 10/100 NIC
    D-Link DWL-G520 Rev.A
    Debian 5.0r1 Lenny

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    My entire wardrobe (other then suit/tie rubbish) consists of all black. I would love to write some OMP's for a good looking black GLO t-shirt

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    hmm, this seems to be a repeat of something.....;start=0
    :P :P :P :P
    remember guys, Aragorn is paying for the site, do ya want it to go bust just coz you want a tee shirt??
    maybe someone else could make them....??



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