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Thread: suse 8.0 downloaded and ... ?!

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    suse 8.0 downloaded and ... ?!

    Hi !

    How do you create a CD kit from the directory structure downloaded from ? There are no isos there (almost, that is). There is a boot.iso of a size which suggests nothing to me.

    Can anyone help ?

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    Re:suse 8.0 downloaded and ... ?!

    As far as I know, SuSE does not provide iso images of their distribution (please read this link:

    Creating the cds from the mirrors would not be possible, as there's no way to know where the packages would be (i.e. how they are indexed and arranged). Usually, the first cd contains the information on where packages can be found. This is not available (unless you have the actual suse cds).
    You're best best would be an ftp install (I assume you have the bandwidth if you're willing to download all of the packages).

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