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Thread: need to go back first

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    need to go back first

    i have been working with a few different linux distros, and i like linux, but just dont know enough to use it day to day yet. so i want to put windows back on , and then try reinstalling linux split partition. how do i format my hard drive so that I can use win boot disk to reistall windows... ???

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    Re:need to go back first

    Sorry, we don't support windows installation questions here. Just kidding!

    Haven't done so in a while, but don't you have an option to format the drive during windows installation? I know NT/2000 you could do that. What ver. of windows are you planning to install?

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    Re:need to go back first

    when i try installing win98, yes it ask if i want to format and when i say yes, it seems to freeze. I am indeed a linux fan , but i need to get an o/s that i can manage.I have three different linux, versions with books, all i have to do is study.I have tried to take linux off, but it is seemingly impossible. I need to know if there is a shell command that will wipe disk, or plain format.. I like this board ,i will be visiting regularly.Thanks for your help ;D ??? ;D

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    Re:need to go back first

    yeah, windows does not like formatting linux partitions.
    the easiest way to fix this is probally to rerun mandrake setup under advanced, then when you get to the partitioning, delete the linux one and recreate the windows one as big as you want it. click next, choose to format the partition then when its done, hit the reset button and you will be able to install windows

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