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Thread: Microsoft accepting that linux exists??

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    Microsoft accepting that linux exists??

    Im at school, working on the (doze) computers against my will, having to make a fictious book cover in publisher 2002 (XP)
    i wrote a little blurb about it in the side mentioning Linus.
    Publisher reckoned that i spelt it wrong, so when i went to see what offers it had to change it to, Linux was in the menu!
    im shocked!
    whatever is the world coming to when microsoft starts putting linux in its spell checker??

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    Re:Microsoft accepting that linux exists??

    heh, there were some funny little things that you could do with that. i believe in the thesaurus, if you enter in bill clinton or bill gates or someone like that, it comes back with some pretty funny synonyms. and o, someone must have added it previous to your discovery, there is no way they would do that :P :P ;D

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    Re:Microsoft accepting that linux exists??

    yeah, in word 97:
    type: i'd like (love?) to see you naked
    and run the thesarus on it

    or i think "i'd like to impeach bill clinton" works too

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