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Thread: Linux Kernel type

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    Linux Kernel type


    I'm new here, I just started working in Linux. I just want to know the CPU type,mode, amount of free memory, amount of memory occupied & total disk space(Harddisk).

    I also want to know how to implement the Scheduling processes through C in Linux(telnet). I want to know how to implement the interprocess communication in Linux through C program.

    Please help me in this regard.
    Give some urls to get the information regarding this topics

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    Re:Linux Kernel type

    Welcome to GLO

    For information on the cpu type and memory information you can use the commands

    'cat /proc/cpuinfo'
    'cat /proc/meminfo'

    For a real time monitor of cpu processes, loadavg, mem usage, etc. The command I'd recommend is 'top' (pressing q will exit)

    For disk usage statistics the 'df' command will be the best.

    If you read the manuals for df as well as top there is a good overview of what they do, as well as some options you can use with them.

    I don't know offhand what you mean by the Scheduling process through C or the interprocess communication in Linux, but I'm sure someone will.

    All that comes to mind that you might be meaning, unless you actually want to write programs to do it, is scheduling processes with cron or at. Again the man pages are good sources of information for those.

    One of the best places for information on specific things is The Linux Document Project

    I hope that helps.

    P.S. This is not meant to be an RTFM post

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    Re:Linux Kernel type

    another way to get info on the memory is to use the 'free' command, this shows info on the physical mem as well as the swap disk.
    you will find that plain 'df' will throw massivly huge numbers at you, use 'df -h' instead, thins make is "human readable" :P :P

    otherwise, what aaron said seems cool


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    Re:Linux Kernel type

    welcome to GLO!

    oi, what is an RTFM?

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    Re:Linux Kernel type

    are you sure you want to know.......
    RTFM is an acronym that stands for read the f**king manual
    thats it.

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