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cd-writer not working
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Thread: cd-writer not working

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    cd-writer not working

    i was trying to burn a data cd with my tdk cd-writer and it says "cd not in drive" or something like that. you cant see it in the picture, but yea it says it at the top. CD not in drive.

    How do i fix this. I really need to burn this data, cause i dont wanna download 300 megs again :|

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    Re:cd-writer not working

    try using cdrecord. anything i can tell you is also contained in its man page. give it a shot

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    Re:cd-writer not working

    I had a similar problem with KONCD and I emailed my distro support. They couldnt get it to work either. ???

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    Re:cd-writer not working

    First, make sure that your cd is mounted. Type "mount" and you will get a list of mounted file systems.

    Second, if you're cd is mounted, what dir is it mounted to? The program may be using a differenct directory to look for the cd, therefore you will get errors saying "cd not found".

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    Re:cd-writer not working

    when you burn a cd, you don't mount the cd,
    make sure that you have the correct device set as your burner, something like /dev/scd0, and that the scsi ids are correctly setup.

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    Re:cd-writer not working

    We need to start by finding out a few things first.

    What cdwriter do you have? IDE? SCSI?

    What does this show:


    ll /dev/cdrom*

    Jim H

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