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Thread: the 'dd' command...

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    the 'dd' command...

    I copied ALL the data from my hda to hdb using the dd command.
    most of my hda is empty and dd takes a lot of time as, i think, it copies the empth sectors also. How do we specify how much of the hard drive is to be copied on to the second one. ?


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    Re:the 'dd' command...

    yes, thats correct. dd copies does a direct disk copy, copying empty sectors, and if its like dos tools, bad sectors as well...
    try 'man dd' or 'info dd' to see if that helps, i think there is a switch to tell it how many sectors to copy
    otherwise you could use another program like drive image
    did you read about the proframs that we recommended on your other thread??;threadid=966

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