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Thread: Soundcard not detected/working

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    Soundcard not detected/working

    Hi everyone...
    I installed Mandrake a couple of days ago, first Linux experience and loving it.. But I don't have any sound.
    Harddrake detects my soundcard (onboard Sis 7018 PCI Audio), but when I select a driver and it attempts to play a sample, it tells me permission is denied, then when I ask to play a sample again, it'll show "playing an 8 bit sample" but I can't hear anything.
    From what I read on other boards and pages, I should run soundconfig, but that one says it doesn't detect a sound card.
    Then the only other option I find on webpages is "recompile your kernel", but that doesn't really sound like the best thing a noobie should do


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    Re: Soundcard not detected/working

    hi ya Tom,
    1. I would guess hard drake worked and the volume was turned down. it seems to be the number 1 cause of problesm lately...
    if you are getting "permision denied open a terminal - type su - - enter root's password then type chmod 666 /dev/dsp . this set the permisions such that everyone can read and write to the sound card.

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    Re: Soundcard not detected/working

    Lol... ok, found the mixer and well... it's better. If I put in a cd and open Gnome CD player, I can hear the CD... but none of my wave, mp3 or midi files work. I got all the slides all the way up to 100%, not a single sound!
    But I guess I can at least listen to some music while coding now ...
    If you happen to know a way to fix it, would be appreciated, if not, thanks for getting my CD to work


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    Re: Soundcard not detected/working

    if you have a wave file around can you do a cat file.wav > /dev/dep and hear anything?

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    Re: Soundcard not detected/working

    I don't think Gnome CD player will be able to play your MP3s just the same as Windows CD Player isn't able to play MP3s. You need different program comparable to WinAMP or Windows Media player....

    I dont' know about Drake but in Red Hat, it has the player called XMMS which can play all CD, WAV, MIDI and MP3s.

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    Re: Soundcard not detected/working

    Nevermind, it's not working.
    The cat /dev/dsp actually makes Linux crash.
    Now I can't even play CD's anymore, says I don't have permission.
    I installed that ALSA driver thing, didn't do anything neither...
    Ah well

    Tnx to y'all anyhow!

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    Re: Soundcard not detected/working

    When you cat, cat it to /dev/dep not dev/dsp.

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    Re:Soundcard not detected/working

    Hi Tom,

    Just joined this forum and was reviewing the site and found your problem. It is very similar to one I had. I have the Sis sound card as well, intergrated on a Mandrake 8.2. I found the solution at

    The card is detected, but when sndconfig is applied it says it is not supported. This incorrect as they are fully supported.

    I followed the instructions and it worked along with some advice from the comment section on putting it into the /etc/rc.d/rc.local.

    One additional tweek I had was turning off full duplexing in the soundserver I/O.

    Hope this helps.


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