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    Bin Files

    i wanna run a linux counter-strike server.. so im downloading the file. But its a .BIN file. In windows.. i would use a .bin file to burn to a cd then run from that. Is it the same in linux? How do i use this?

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    Re:Bin Files

    You burn .ISO files,
    to run a .bin file, type (as root) sh counterstrike.bin (or whatever) and it will run

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    Re:Bin Files

    could not execute binary file.... i know its the right file too cause the bytes are the same as the posted one.

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    Re:Bin Files

    You have to set the file as executable first.

    chmod ug+x filename

    Then you can run it.

    Jim H

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    Re:Bin Files

    not if you use sh
    but still, try it

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