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Thread: SuSE 8.0 Bootdisk?

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    SuSE 8.0 Bootdisk?

    My CDROM Drive cannot be regonized by my motherboard's bios although my mobo support boot from CD.

    I had no problem installing 7.2 since suse provided a bootdisk for it but not for 8.0. I am totally stuck now.

    Does anyone know where I can download the image of 8.0's bootdisk so I can install it?

    Thank you very much

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    Re:SuSE 8.0 Bootdisk?

    Suse didn't include the bootdisk images on your cd's?

    I found the images here. You can probably check the mirror list on Suse's website for a mirror closer to your location.


    Look at the README in the directory, it will tell you have to create the boot floppy and which images you need.

    Jim H

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    Re:SuSE 8.0 Bootdisk?

    oh, I found it in my CD1. now installing.

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    Re:SuSE 8.0 Bootdisk?

    Hi, can one of you guys tell me a little more info on how to make a boot disk? Thanks.

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